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Version 0.3.1

Hey! First bugfix update for version 0.3 was just released, here is the list of changes:

  • Fixed jumping animation bug
  • Fixed Toggath the Dark Master dialogue
  • Deep Fry debuff now displays stacks properly
  • Fixed container crafting bug
  • Fixed bug that caused crashes in forests
  • Opened containers are now closed when destroyed
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused items to not drop when destroying blocks below them
  • Fixed bug that prevented Lasting Blazing Trail talent from working
  • Improved Burning Rush talents now also increase Blazing Trail damage
  • Fixed bug that allowed using skills while rolling
  • Fixed bug that caused fire particles to appear while rolling
  • Fixed bandit's faction in Forgotten Temple
  • Skeletons in Bonerattle Tower were replaced with traps
  • Improved loot balance in the Tutorial Dungeon
  • Rebalanced experience gain in the Tutorial Dungeon
  • Improved level design in Woodbury and Crossroads Inn
  • Fixed bugged doors in the Tutorial Dungeon
  • Fixed High Elven Spinning Wheel item
  • Fixed Steel Cooking Pot texture
  • Fixed bug that sometimes prevented players from completing quests for Morone in Crossroads Inn
  • Fixed dialogue in Flowerscent Farm


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