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Blog post #1

Zakharn 2015-10-26 18:04:33

Hello World! We have just announced our project that we’ve been working on in secret for the past 1.5 years: Realms of Magic.

Realms of Magic is a 2D sandbox roleplaying indie game set in a classic western fantasy universe. Immerse yourself in the game’s compelling single player mode or dive into the diverse multiplayer mode. The main idea behind the game is to give the player free rein over the creation of the world and character; the only boundary in this game is your imagination.

Please visit our home page at to get more information about the game and register on our forums to talk about it with us!

We will post some high-resolution screenshots in few upcoming days. You can also expect gameplay teaser in few weeks.

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See you on the forums!1 comments

Blog post #2

Zakharn 2016-03-18 12:34:45

After failing our Kickstarter campaign we were talking with our investor about what’s next. Fortunately he is very pleased with our progress and the current state of the game, and he agreed to cover the sum we wanted to raise through Kickstarter.

Last month we’ve increased our team size by hiring one additional programmer to speed up the development process. We are also talking with new game designer about joining our team.

Currently we are working on World Builder. World Builder has two goals: to allow players to help us with creating the world in Realms of Magic and to do some public testing of our game engine. We are planning to release it on May/June.

We are aiming for an Early Access version of our game by the end of this year. EA version will not include every feature we have announced or planned, most notably city and faction management. However this feature will be in the first big update we will release.

We can also proudly announce that our game will also launch on Linux and Mac systems.0 comments

Blog post #3

omadan 2016-07-05 06:59:32

Greetings Polished Games followers!

My name is Chris and I’m the new team member of Polished Games. I am responsible for updating this blog so watch out for any bits and pieces of news at least once a week. Here is the news about our current progress in the game.

We will release World Builder in about one month, a little later than we expected. However, we already managed to implement all features we had planned and we even did several which were planned after World Builder. All that is left now is debugging and polishing.

Right now we are also looking for music composer and sound effect artist.

Stay tuned for some more info!0 comments