Old School - Classic Action 2D RPG set in a wonderful west fantasy world. Remind yourself the best game features from a sweet childhood then add today's sandbox mechanics. You got it? So you are in Realms of Magic now for sure!

What Realms of Magic is offering in a nutshell:

  • A fascinating fantasy world with many options and ways of gameplay
  • Medieval villages and various quests hubs located on a regularly expanding world map
  • Crafting, gathering, building, farming and more professions waiting for you to explore
  • Active combat system with leveling mechanics and different skill trees
  • Hundreds of diverse items to wear, use and decorate
  • 10 playable races with multitude customization options
  • An interesting lore of the Old Kingdom contained in dozens of books
  • And finally - deadly monsters, dark dungeons, mighty magic and valuable treasures!

Our Realms are for you if:

  • You are crazy about classic western fantasy worlds
  • You find Discovery and Exploration thrilling
  • Imagination drives your actions
  • Always dreamt of an old school RPG with modern sandbox mechanics
  • Fondness and nostalgia force you to look for something fresh that could remind you of “these” beautiful moments of your childhood
  • You see the beauty in the simplicity of pixel-art
  • You accept the fact that our world will not be friendly to you
  • You expect in-game world to have depth.
  • ...Or you are just looking for solid sandbox RPG with crafting, building, farming and character development. The matters of the Old Kingdom can always go their own way… It is only your choice!

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