What is Realms of Magic?

Realms of Magic is a 2D sandbox roleplaying indie game set in a classic western fantasy universe. Immerse yourself in the game’s compelling single player mode or dive into the diverse multiplayer mode.
Realms of Magic combines the best aspects from a multitude of genres, boasting the lively setting and character development of an RPG, alongside the creative freedom of a sandbox game, with the twitch based movement and combat from an action platformer to city building and management from strategy games.
The main idea behind this game is to give the player free rein over the creation of the world and character; the only boundary in this game is your imagination.
The inspiration behind the game comes from a mixture of Skyrim and Dwarf Fortress, presented in a Terraria-like sandbox.


Game setting

Realms of Magic universe has everything you could expect from a fantasy setting: dwarves, elves and orcs battling one another; undead, demons and dragons ravaging villages and cities; mythical monsters guarding ancient ruins full of gold and magic items.
Life isn’t easy in the Realms. Common people live in harsh, deprived conditions, their lives are often cut short due to the perilous nature of their work. Nobles, rich merchants and kings, live in luxury, exploiting the common people for power and wealth. Thievery, murder and corruption run rife in the realms, slave trade is demanded and legal in most regions.
Our universe is inspired by many other great universes like Tolkien’s Middle-earth, D&D’s Forgotten Realms, Warcraft, Elder Scrolls and Game of Thrones.

Do whatever you want

The main goal of Realms of Magic is to let you the player do anything you could possibly desire in a fantasy game.
Fight for good and become a hero or play mercilessly as a villain. Become an adventurer, be a man of the people, protect the commoners from bandits. And why not delve into the crypts and ruins to find out what treasures await.
Should you want to be purely evil, play as a necromancer, create enormous armies of the undead ready to strike at your whim. This game offers you the experience you want in a game, an experience you can control and change instantly based on how you want to play.
If you wish, you may even live the life of the everyday hard working commoner.


Character development

There is no class system in RoM. Instead there are skill trees such as Archery, Dual Wield, Light Armor, Frost or Demonology. This system fully allows the player to tailor their skills to their particular needs.
Do you want to be a heavy armored battlemage who uses a huge two-handed axe when enemies get too close? Maybe you want to play as a sneaky rogue using psychic magic to control his opponents? Or would you like to create an unarmed and unarmoured monk who utilizes martial arts and mobility to overcome challenges? Realms of Magic provides you with a wide range of tools in terms of gameplay and character customisation.
With about 30 skill trees there are thousands of possible character combinations, but that’s not all. Every tree contains dozens of different perks, adding another layer of customisation to your character.


Create and manage your city

Building and managing your own city is one of the core features of our game. You can create your own settlement from a variety of resources, or simply take over an existing one and claim it as your own. 
Tired of chopping down trees or mining for ores? No problem! Just simply recruit some miners and woodcutters and they will do it for you, whilst you continue on with your adventures; however, they won’t work for free, in exchange for their service you need to provide them with food or pay them. Over time you can build a self-sufficient settlement and employ more advanced NPC’s, such as enchanters and alchemists.
However, players beware. The richer and more prosperous you town is, the more tempting of a target it is for enemies. So, ready yourself, hire some guards, build fortifications and prepare for enemy invasions.


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Blog post #3

Zakharn 2016-10-27 13:55:00

Last time we talked about delays. The most common reason for delays is an inaccurate time estimation.

So how do we estimate time needed for implementing features?

We used to estimate how long it would take to implement a certain feature under most pessimistic conditions possible and then we would multiply that time by 2.

While it usually worked for implementation and basic debugging of said feature, it didn’t work for long term planning of multiple features. This method didn’t take into account lots of time spent debugging, refactoring and implementing very small features or changes we didn’t think of before.

Now when we are planning long term, we multiply every feature time by additional 2, for a total of 4. Hopefully it will be enough!

A bigger update is coming tomorrow!0 comments

Blog post #2

Zakharn 2016-10-27 13:54:31

Hello, it’s been quite a long time (2 months) since the last update.

In this update we want to explain why World Builder was delayed so many times and when you can expect it.

There are two main reasons for the delays:

- Fixing bugs took a little bit longer than we estimated, but now majority of bugs are squashed.
- We decided to implement more features and changes in World Builder than we initially planned.

Also the fact that we are in the process of changing our office doesn’t help. We are moving to a new, bigger and better spot. Previous office has become too small :)

Here is the list of features and changes originally not planned for the first version of World Builder. While only 3 out of 9 are already done, they were much bigger tasks and took much more time than remaining 6 are supposed to take.

- New character physics and slopes (already done)
- Interactive items like doors or containers (already done)
- Sound system (already done) - we are not sure if the first version of World Builder will have sound effects and music, however it’s done on the tech side
- Improved terrain generation
- Improved GUI
- Smooth camera
- Steam Cloud
- Bug reporting system
- Clean up the whole project

We also rewrote Modder from scratch and started working on our own skeletal animation editor.

So when we will release World Builder? It’s been delayed so many times now, that we don’t want to give specific date. You can expect it soon™ :)

And what about Early Access? Last time we talked about releasing it by the end of 2016. Currently we are aiming for early-mid 2017.0 comments

Blog post #1

omadan 2016-10-24 08:04:58

Orcs are one of the few native races of Ezran. Most orcs inhabiting Ezran are organised into three clans: the Fire Clan, the Frost Clan and the Thunder Clan. They are mainly seen in the north and the east.

They are well-build, strong and usually green skinned. Orcish eyes are mainly red, but other colors occur as well. Their hair is different tones of brown, black and gray.

Orcish culture is based upon shamanism and predestination. That’s why orcs put much attention to their fate and destiny. Although perceived as brutal savages they are honorable fighters. Orcs make great use of the blade and are unmatched warriors when it comes to combat.